Salt Lake's Original eBike Store!

Salt Lake's Original eBike Store!

Blue Monkey Bicycles is the original Pedego Salt Lake City. In fact, we were the first Pedego Electric Bikes store in Utah. As you may know, Pedego is known for colorful, durable electric bikes and they have been at it since 2008. 10 years is a relatively long time in the electric bike business. Pedego has been a staple at Blue Monkey since our beginning 5 years ago in 2013 and has always been a customer favorite. Recently, Pedego has gone beyond their original offerings of fast cruisers and colorful commuter bikes and have innovated their way into cargo bikes, trikes, hardtail and full suspension mountain bikes both hub drive and mid drive. They even have a Brose mid drive powered belt drive commuter called the Conveyor which is stunning.

Blue Monkey Bicycles 

Blue Monkey set’s itself apart in the electric bike retail world as we carry other hand picked ebikes in addition to our full Pedego line. We have customers that come in to buy a Pedego, see that we carry other bikes and that just solidifies their Pedego desire. The fact that we carry Pedego by choice and offer our customers a choice tells them how much we really like Pedego.

Pedego Group Ride SLC

Any brand of ebike that we carry in store must meet our rigid requirements. We will not sell a brand if the bikes do not hold up to rigorous day to day use in all seasons. Yes, we do ride in the winter and snow and rain. Electric bikes that make the cut will hold up to riding in pouring rain.

Ebikes bad weather SLC

We range test all of the bikes we sell to see how far they'll go and how well they hold up to day to day life. After 5 years, Blue Monkey has a reputation to uphold so we will not sell inferior ebikes. We want our customers to be happy in the future and get many, many miles our of their investment.

Pedego Group Ride Salt Lake

We have repaired cheap, Amazon style ebikes and in this business you truly get what you pay for. The cheaper, sub $1500 electric bikes we call ‘neighborhood toys’ as that is about all they are good for. Riding around the neighborhood is fun on pretty much any ebike but when you want to rely on your bike for your daily commute or even to hold up when you take it on vacation, you want a quality, ‘Blue Monkey Approved’ ebike. Whether you shop online from across the country or stop in at our retail store, you will get the same level of customer care. Check out our YouTube channel and chat with us online to get all your questions answered.

Herriman Parade ebike

So stop by our retail location right in the middle of the Salt Lake Valley at 4902 S. State Street and take a test ride. Get out and ride and discover how much a quality ebike will change your life.

Pedego Utah Mountains

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