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We like to test ebikes for their real world range. We use a standard route mapped out that takes us 10 miles away from our store and then 10 miles back. With throttle ebikes, we start with a full battery and do absolutely no pedaling until the battery dies completely. It's a tough job, we know, but we do it for science. With pedal assist ebikes, we put them on the highest level and pedal as fast as we can. Doing these tests allows us to see what the ebikes are capable of with stop, go, wind, traffic, road terrain and the like.

 Here's how we do it


eBike range data is not something regulated like the EPA's gas mileage stickers. Some companies are very conservative with their estimates, while others will boast near impossible range. How is this so? Well, a single range statistic has a wealth of variables. How much does the rider weight? What was the weather conditions like? Was there strong wind? Was there hill climbs involved? And the most important one of all....What strength of electrical assist were they using? Here at Blue Monkey, we sought to standardize this range data with a test of our own.

You'll find range tests scattered throughout our site on the appropriate bike pages but below is a sampling of what to expect. If you're very detail oriented and would like even more details check out our Monkey Mumbles video where Mikey dives deep into our methodology for range tests.


Electric Bike Range Test Results

Here is a quick reference printed list of the electric bikes that we've tested so far. You will also find selected bikes have their own videos farther down the page. e bike battery range test


Range Test: Pedego 48 Volt Interceptor and City Commuter


Range Test: Bosch Mid-drive System 20 and 28mph


Range Test: Yamaha Mid-drive System found on Haibike

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