Range Test LIVE!

Range Test LIVE!

Our second LIVE YouTube event consisted of Mikey riding a Surface 604 electric bike for 36 full miles! Yes- he filmed the entire 2.5 hour ride. He put the bike on level 5 pedal assist (highest level) and proceeded to ride up and down Salt Lake Valley's State Street at 20mph until the battery died. From one end of the valley to the other and back. Now, riding slower and in a lower pedal assist mode will get you considerably more range out of the bike. Needless to say, we were pretty impressed with this $1899 ebike.


Surface 604 Utah ebike

To give you an idea of the route, here is a quick shot from Google Maps. Mikey left the store in the middle of the valley and goes south to Draper, north to downtown Salt Lake City and then south again until the battery dies.

State Street Salt Lake City

You can watch the full video below. Feel free to fast forward through it but be aware, you never know what Mikey will chat about next ;) We're impressed with the Surface 604 bikes and the company's customer service so far. In the best sub $2000 electric bike category the Colt and Rook are serious contenders. Find out more about the Rook and Colt and even purchase them directly from our website here.


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  • Thanks for the review….been looking really closely at the Rook or Colt as my first E-Bike….never seen a vid like this and it hits the spot!

    Jeremy K. Woolf on

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