About Us

Our Story

Blue Monkey Bicycles was a concept created in 2012 with a desire to share a love of electric bicycles to the local community in Salt Lake City. Today, Blue Monkey Bicycles continues local service not only in Utah, but nationwide across the United States via our many online channels. Core values such as going above and beyond for our customers and staying knowledgeable on the ever-changing ebike industry has allowed us expand while staying true to our original goal: To get people to think differently about transportation and help change the way America views the bicycle.




Not just a retailer, but a resource

Blue Monkey Bicycles is not only friendly and accessible like the good neighbor next door, we have become a leader in information and resource for customers, manufacturers, and corporations alike. Count on us to be a professional yet friendly source for all your electric bike needs. 



Peace of mind

At Blue Monkey Bicycles, we all work strictly on a non-commission basis. Whether you decide on a less expensive model or go for something fancy, you can bet you will get non-biased guidance and information from our staff. When you buy from us, you become part of the family and we treat you as such. Ask around; whether you purchase from our online site or from our Salt Lake City storefront, you will find a personal touch is always established to make sure you are taken care of for the life of your bike and beyond. 


The Blue Monkey Team

We each have individual creative skills that we bring to Blue Monkey. All of or our videos, web design, social media content management, store layout and graphic design are done in house. This allows you to really get to know the team that you're working with. We're right there in the industry every day. Over the years, we've grown into a cohesive team of customer service professionals that remain at your service every step of the way.

Blue Monkey Team