Surface 604 Updates

Posted on 09 August 2017

The Surface 604 Colt and Rook electric bikes have been a huge hit for us in Salt Lake City and beyond. At $1899, these well equipped ebikes seem to have everything customers want. 48 volt system, hydraulic brakes, adjustable stem, long life battery, integrated rack, lights, fenders and peppy performance. Oh, and range... check out our blog and video on Mikeys live range test he did a little bit ago. 35.6 miles on full blast pedal assist at 20mph! That's some impressive range.

Surface 604 Colt Utah

Surface 604 has now improved on these bikes by offering the stunning black/grey color combination on both the Rook and Colt models. The Rook still comes in white as well. Check out those details.

Surface Colt

Surface 604 Colt Utah

Come in and take one for a test ride or buy them online right here.

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