Live Green SLC

Live Green SLC

This was Blue Monkey Bicycles’ very first appearance at a location other than our store and we are extremely pleased with the results. Back in March, we reserved our booth for this well known festival that celebrated its 10th year anniversary this year. Not only did we think it would be fun, we thought that the ebikes would fit in quite well as they are extremely ‘green’ (can you do better than bikes that help you get around quicker and use pennies of energy per charge?).

SLC Live Green Festival

Mike from The Redirect Guide who manages the show was very easy to work with and gave us some extra space near the entrance of the show so that we could allow test rides. We were booth #93 near entrance 1. I included this photo to show this awesome aerial view. The City Library is such a cool building and is definitely worth a visit.

SLC Live Green

All 3 of our brands were represented. We brought a Pedego City Commuter, Comfort Cruiser, Interceptor and a Trail Tracker fat bike which is always a crowd pleaser. We brought the Juiced Riders ODK uility bike and we brought the tried and true shop bike, the electric Yuba Mundo. Every single bike was ridden several times and the booth became a parking lot and a bike valet for festival visitors as well.

As much as I would have liked to tow all the bikes downtown with the Mundo, we decided it was a better use of time to use a trailer.

Live Green SLC

After we got the booth set up, I had a chance to go ride Open Streets with my son.

Once the show gates opened, we stayed quite busy throughout the day. We had many of our customers stop by the booth to chat and some even hung around and helped show bikes to potential customers. It doesn’t get any better than that when your customers like you that much! What a compliment. We welcome customers into the Blue Monkey family and enjoy hearing the stories that owning electric and cargo bikes bring.

We had several people deep at our booth all day. We must have facilitated 20+ test rides too. Our booth was positioned near the entrance of the show so we would escort riders over to the grounds of the City County building and we would exchange an electric bike test ride for a huge smile.

One gentleman tried out a bike and his 8 year old son was disappointed that there was not a Pedego in his size. That was quickly solved by a ride on the back our electric Yuba Mundo shop bike with his dad. The boy was able to experience the electric bike grin too.

All in all we had a blast of a day. There was some great public awareness on the ease and fun of electric bikes. We got to see and talk with many of our customers and meet plenty of new ones. We can’t wait to do another event. Keep an eye on our event calendar to see what we’re up to next. Join us for our first group ride next week. It should be lots of fun.

Live Green SLC Blue MonkeyLive Green Salt Lake City

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