What is an eBike?

An electric bike is a bicycle with an electric system to make your trips more fun and more possible. Electric bikes steer, pedal, brake, shift gears, and operate all mechanical functions just like normal. When the rider is ready for some help (or fun!) either the throttle or pedal assist can be activated at any time to crest the hill, beat the wind, or rocket into the next dimension of awesomeness!


Electric bikes do not pedal for the rider, they don’t go as fast as motorcycles, and they don’t replace the rider's exercise. Electric bikes are not cheating. Electric bikes open new trails and avenues of possibilities to riders that would not be cycling otherwise. Sitting at home or sitting in a car is cheating. Electric bikes replace cars with bikes, replace congestion with freedom, replace ho-hum with holy moly, replace curiosity with experience. An electric bike will bypass all excuses and allow the life so desired and needed by our car-centric culture.


So you may be asking yourself, what is the point of an electric bike? The simple answer is that ebikes are the next evolution in cycling. eBikes take all the practicality of a traditional bicycle and allow it to go much further and much faster. All this is done while adding a few technological perks such as fitness tracking or USB charging. This opens up a door of possibilities for people that want more fun and adventure, people that want exercise but want to shorten their commute, and people that struggle or experience pain when riding. A common misconception by die hard cyclists is that an electric bike is "cheating". However, more and more cyclists, enthusiasts, and even casual bikers are being converted each day. Just as the 10 and 20 speed became the next evolution in cycling years ago, the electric assist is the next big leap into the future.



Common eBike FAQs

How fast will electric bikes go?

Ebikes will go up to 20 mph on just the motor alone. This is the Federal legal throttle limit for electric bicycles. Some pedal assist bikes will reach speeds of 28mph.

Can I lose weight with an electric bike?

Absolutely! Electric biking is more fun and less intimidating, which drastically increasing the likelihood of getting out to seize the day! Electric bikes will handle enormous amounts of weight and can be an excellent way to get moving from a sedentary lifestyle.

Are electric bikes cheap to operate?

Yes, very cheap. An electric bike costs -based on Utah electricity rates- $0.0014 per mile in electricity cost.

What is the carbon footprint of an eBike?

Based on electricity use; at least 10 times better than an electric car.How far can you go on a single charge?Our bikes will go 20+ miles on a charge by just using the throttle and the electric alone. If you decide to pedal or you use the electric occasionally you will go even further. This of course depends on the rider's weight and the terrain but a good rule of thumb is at least 20 miles. Haibike mid drive ebikes, powered by Bosch have an amazing range; well beyond 50 miles due to the nature of the powertrain.

How long do they take to charge?

From 0 to 100% in around 4 hours. Usually the battery will reach 80% in around an hour and a half and the rest of the time is trickle charge to get your distance. Check out our Electrical care page for more info and videos on batteries.


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