Easy Motion ATOM

Easy Motion ATOM

Sneak Peek: Easy Motion REVO (now ATOM) with Brose Motor 

Getting ready for Interbike (September of 2016) I started to ask around for any information on the upcoming 2017 electric bikes. Easy Motion was happy to share some of the upcoming improvements to their existing bikes as well as some new bikes with new drive systems. After getting very excited for the system, I decided it was worth it to fly out to California to test it out first hand!

Easy Motion Brose


Next thing I knew, I’m in Foothill Ranch California to visit BH Easy Motion to test out their yet unreleased REVO electric bikes. For awhile Easy Motion has been fine tuning their bike line to allow for easy incorporation of the Brose Mid-drive unit from Germany, and it blends perfectly! Here's our video review:

The shame of it all is that in order to keep the bike looking nice for the 2017 model year reveal for Interbike, I wasn’t able to take the bike off road and see how the mountain bike does on an actual off-road trail.

But based on the road test, it felt like an amazing sleek system. And we can’t wait to get one into the Utah mountains and see how the bike does first hand in it’s element. We’ll be posting more updates live from Interbike on our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook feeds. Stay tuned for more exciting news of the 2017 electric bikes!


Easy Motion ATOM Brose

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