Ebikes Go to the Zoo

Ebikes Go to the Zoo

Ebikes at Utah's Hogle Zoo

We love to get out into the community and let people experience the joys of electric bikes. You can read about electric bikes on the Internet but until you actually pilot an ebike around a parking lot you haven’t lived. In addition to clean air fairs, parades, Open Streets and Drive Electric Week events we will also bring a selection of electric bikes to corporate events. We’ve attended events at Adobe, Usana and Salt Lake County and most recently Hogle Zoo.

Pedego Utah Hogle Zoo

Every year, during the month of June, Utah’s Hogle Zoo holds the Ultimate Alternate Transportation Challenge for their employees. This contest encourages zoo employees to use different modes of transportation to get to work and to think differently about driving their car. Sounds like a great venue for electric bikes doesn’t it?

Electric Bike Utah Hogle Zoo

Blue Monkey Bicycles has electric bikes for every type of riding from road to mountain to cruising to cargo to commuting and touring so it can be difficult to choose a few key bikes to bring to an event. For the Hogle Zoo Bananas About Bikes Event (get it?) we were well stocked with everything from a low priced urban bike (Easy Go Race) to a do-everything cargo bike (Pedego Stretch).

The Easy Motion Nitro City High Speed commuter and the Pedego Ridge Rider mountain bike were big hits.

Ebike Utah Hogle Zoo

Hogle Zoo’s Assistant Director was quite fond of the Stretch cargo bike.

Utah Hogle Zoo

It was tough to pick a favorite but in the end, all of the Hogle Zoo employees had a blast!

Ebikes Utah Hogle Zoo


If you would like to have us bring electric bikes to demo at your company location, just get in touch with us or stop by and take one for a test ride yourself. Ebikes will get you to think differently about your transportation needs.

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