Easy Go Range Test

Easy Go Range Test

 Easy Go Race Range Test Part I


This low priced, single speed electric bike really surprised us!

Here at Blue Monkey Bicycles, we do electric bike range tests on the road from our shop. Manufacturers in the electric bike industry tend to state that their bikes will go “Up to XXX miles” or “highest range in its class” or something unclear or misleading like that. We test all the new systems in the real world as soon as we can so that we can confidently tell our customers “The 2015 Cross traveled 21 miles on throttle only.”

We were super excited to get our hands on the new Easy Motion Easy Go Race, the $1299 single speed urban bike. This bike is less than half price from most of our bikes in the store, and it’s for good reason: All the mechanical components are scaled down: rim brakes, single speed, plastic pedals, as well as the electric system; no throttle, 250w motor, and a 36v 6Ah battery. This battery has half the Ah capacity of previously tested Easy Motion bikes, which scored 22.4 and 31 mile range on throttle and max pedal assist, respectively.

Easy Go Race ebike

On a dry day in January I decided to head out on a short range test on the Easy Go Race. The top speed on the bike is about 20, and thats when you’re really pushing it. Regular speed is about 18, which is  pretty good balance on the single gear. The bike kept going, and going, and going all the way to the 10 mile mark with no problem. At that point I turned around to head back to the store, climbing several large hills in the way. The lack of gearing makes steep hills more challenging than other electric bikes that I ride everyday, but the motor definitely is an improvement from any other single speed bike on the road.

I wasn’t prepared for such a long ride, the weather started to get more wet, and the urban styled seat started to take its toll on my body (it’s like sitting on a pipe.) Next time I’ll wear padded shorts. I decided I’d have to try to complete the test another day, since the bike completed 20 miles on pedal assist with no problem. After I pulled into the shop I took a gander at the battery display: 39% left after a 20 miles trip. I was impressed, and also a bit overwhelmed. I haven’t ridden the bike to the point of shut-down yet, but it looks like 30 mile range or more is in the cards. Stay tuned to our YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and (if you’re the old-fashioned type) our website to see updates on this bike and the rest of our store. -Mikey

Easy Go Race Ebike

Range Test Part II - Completed!

Not long ago, I began what I thought would be a short range test with the Easy Motion’s new Easy Go Race, the low-priced urban bike with a scaled down electrical system and components. As it turns out the small battery lasted a lot longer than I expected, and 20 miles later I had to throw in the towel.

This time was different: I adjusted the seat and handlebars to fit, I brought some water with me, I wore padded shorts and appropriate clothes, and I decked out the bike with more flashing lights. Off I went 10 miles away and back, just like normal, and back north again to finish the job. The bike scored 26 miles of range on the test. The battery didn’t die completely, but at the 26 mile mark the bike scaled the assist level down to 30% maximum. At that point, the bike was strolling at about 13mph speed and I couldn’t feel the assist anymore, so I declared the test complete at that point knowing that with a comparable non-electric bike, I would be biking at 13mph anyway, and the electric assist was now negligible.

This bike scored extremely high for it’s battery size, other bikes with double the amp hour capacity score 31 miles of range on the exact same route. For a quality $1299 bike to travel 26 miles per charge is phenomenal! For longer single trips an extra battery, at $400, thrown in a backpack would double the effective range to 52 miles.

 Easy Motion Go Electric Bike

Before we got the chance to ride it, we knew this bike would be a game changer. At this price point, it opens the options to new riders who otherwise would be priced out of most other electric bikes. But aside from that, it’s a simple bike, components, styling, and electrical. Truly an elegant bike for the urban cyclist. With great support from Blue Monkey Bicycles and an unheard of 5 year warranty from Easy Motion, you will most certainly get your money’s worth with this ebike. -Mikey

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