Rides and Trails

Electric bikes are increasingly being accepted everywhere regular bicycles are allowed. Utah has been very progressive in passing it's ebike law. It states that a bicycle, with normal bicycle components that can be propelled solely by operable pedals (not a scooter) under 750 watt motor and capable of up to 28mph is considered a bicycle and is allowed any where a bicycle is allowed. This includes bike paths such as the Jordan River Parkway Trail and bike lanes throughout the city. Utah House Bill 121 has more details.



Jordan River Trail South Jordan

 See the Jordan River Trail Map



Another great local trail is the Murdock Canal Trail. This 17 mile paved trail is a favorite among our ebiking customers. It spans from the east side of 800 N./SR 52 and North 1100 E. in Orem all the way to Timpanogos Hwy./SR 92 and Ashton Blvd. in Lehi. It is smooth and wide and has restroom facilities occasionally all while providing a fantastic view of the valley from the benches. A tranquil setting for any bike ride, and you'll be able to do all of it on an ebike.

Murdock Canal Trail

See the Murdock Trail Map



While the above mentioned laws passed tend to pertain to riding on roads and paths, finding places to ride off road on your e-mountainbike can be challenging. Generally, ebikes are considered motorized vehicles by the Bureau of Land Management. To hlep you find places to ride, the BPSA and People for Bikes has put out an ebike trail map that will help you find offroad trails that are ebike friendly.

e MTB trail map

See e-Mountain Bike Trail Map