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Yamaha, not only a world leader in many industries, but electric bicycle motors as well, has announced recently that they have begun to enter the US electric bicycle market.


Starting in 1989, Yamaha conceptualized its first electric bicycle and brought the worlds first pedal assist system to market in 1993. Breakthrough after breakthrough made them a dominate force in Japan, and soon the world. Today, Yamaha is recognized as a pioneering leader in ebikes with over 2 million bicycles and 4 million drive unites created to empower their customers. 


$2399 CrossCore: Fitness hybrid design for efficiency and ergonomic comfort
With a comfortable and ergonomic design, Yamaha’s CrossCore delivers a hybrid bike for the fitness-focused rider. The CrossCore features optimized geometry, class-leading power and performance features and classic Yamaha durability and reliability. The CrossCore is also equipped with mounts for a water bottle cage, fenders, and rear rack, while also pre-wired for a rear rack light as standard essentials to keep the rider’s focus on the workout.

Yamaha Road E bike

$3299 UrbanRush: Balance of power, stiffness and speed in a sleek road bike chassis
The All-New Yamaha UrbanRush maximizes performance and commuting riding, delivering the ultimate in roadbike power, style and performance. The drop handle bar styling results in a confidence-inspiring rider position for optimal control and efficiency. Stylish convenience features include recessed fender mounts, front headlight and Yamaha Announces Power Assist Electric Bicycle Full Specs and Pricing Page 2 of 4 pre-wiring for Yamaha’s rear rack with integrated tail light. Yamaha drop bar road bike

$2999 CrossConnect: Everyday recreation-utility for those that want to take their gear with them

Designed for all-day comfort with power, durability and performance, the Yamaha CrossConnect is an exciting and fully accessorized urban commuter with integrated components like front and rear fenders, rear rack, and headlight that maximize versatility and functional reliability. An air sleeve suspension fork with adjustable compression is unique to Yamaha’s e-commuter, with a through-axle that increases the overall stiffness and strength of the front hub, and it can be fully locked out for even greater efficiency on pavement.

Yamaha road electric bike


$3499 YDX-TORC: Agile hardtail e-mountain bike with powerful and responsive performance
Yamaha’s all-new 2.75 hardtail power assist mountain bike, the YDX-TORC, is powered by the award-winning Yamaha PW-X center drive motor system offering more power for more adventure and exploration on the trails. The YDX-TORC is built with a new progressive geometry -- unlike any other hardtail trail e-Bike -- that allows for a more playful and stable balance for more trails of all grades. And the motor’s low center-of-gravity supports optimized handling and cornering on tight switchbacks, and quick acceleration out of the saddle.Yamaha electric mountain bike hard tail


The PW-X is the next generation in Yamaha electric motors. The PW-X motor is nearly a pound lighter than the PW motor, changing the feel of the ride. It is 13% smaller thanks to its lighter gears and gearbox. The PW-X offers a fifth assistance mode - Extra Power Mode - which provides added torque, up to 80 Nm, greatly assisting the rider at all times. The 'Extra Power Mode' provides a quicker and more effective response, thanks to its improved gear system.