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Yamaha, not only a world leader in many industries, but electric bicycle motors as well, has announced recently that they have begun to enter the US electric bicycle market. Blue Monkey Bicycles is proud to be named one of the first premium dealers for Yamaha Electric Bicycles here in the US! Stay tuned for more information and products as they become available in 2018.


Starting in 1989, Yamaha conceptualized its first electric bicycle and brought the worlds first pedal assist system to market in 1993. Breakthrough after breakthrough made them a dominate force in Japan, and soon the world. Today, Yamaha is recognized as a pioneering leader in ebikes with over 2 million bicycles and 4 million drive unites created to empower their customers. 


Yamaha's line up will consist of road and mountain electric bikes featuring their all new PW-X motor. Production colors may differ slightly.

Yamaha Road E bikeYamaha drop bar road bike

 Yamaha road electric bike

 Yamaha electric mountain bike hard tail


The PW-X is the next generation in Yamaha electric motors. The PW-X motor is nearly a pound lighter than the PW motor, changing the feel of the ride. It is 13% smaller thanks to its lighter gears and gearbox. The PW-X offers a fifth assistance mode - Extra Power Mode - which provides added torque, up to 80 Nm, greatly assisting the rider at all times. The 'Extra Power Mode' provides a quicker and more effective response, thanks to its improved gear system.