Local Offerings

These are brands that are available to our local customers here in Salt Lake City. Although they cannot be shipped nationwide, they are available for pick up for all customers. We advise to call ahead to see if a specific model is in stock, however, we can order just about any bike from these manufactures you wish to purchase. 




Easy Motion is the electric bike that doesn’t look like one. Easy Motion ebikes are known for their natural, responsive torque based pedal assist and stealthy in frame batteries. With an industry leading 5 year warranty, you can understand why we’re big fans of these electric bikes and commute on them everyday. With respect to Easy Motion's warranty requirements, Easy Motion electric bikes are unable to be shipped and are available for local pickup only.


ATOM Series featuring the Brose mid drive motor.

In the summer of 2016, we were chosen to be the first shop to experience the new ATOM series (prototype called REVO). Easy Motion has incorporated the Brose mid drive motor in the ATOM line of ebikes. The Brose system allows for a mid drive system that uses the trademark Easy Motion battery. Probably the best integration of a battery in a frame of any ebike on the market today. Watch the video for our first impressions.



Powerful EVO rear drive collection and economical EASY GO series

Easy Motion EVO ebikes

Easy Motion's hub drive electric bike line up includes the 48 volt EVO line of rear and two-wheel-drive ebikes and the economical EASY GO series. The EVO series features powerful 48 volt batteries paired with 500 watt motors and stealth mounted downtube batteries. ncludes The entry level EASY GO series features a single speed track bike, a step thru city bike and folding electric bike. The seat pack 36 volt batteries propel these bikes up to 20mph. All Easy Motion ebikes carry a 5 year warranty.


Learn more about Easy Motion and ---hear our experiences---- riding these bikes everyday. Access the full 2017 Catalog for detailed information. Better yet, stop in for a test ride and see for yourself. We love taking the time with our customers to make sure they end up with the exact electric bikes to fit their needs.



Haibike is our choice for Bosch and Yamaha based electric bikes. There are many different brands using the Bosch system these days but Haibike was the first to design their bikes around this amazing electric system. We feel the build quality, frame geometry and value of Haibike is second to none.


Haibike XDURO ebikes feature the legendary Bosch ebike systems power plant.

Bosch ebike systems

The XDURO lineup kicked off the outstanding success story of Haibike, and its birth in 2010 also marked the beginning of the emountain- bike movement. since the first days of ePerformance, the XDURO has been the benchmark against which all other ebikes are compared— regarding innovation, design, performance, and reliability. Thanks to its robust and dynamic frame designs, high-end suspension, and the utilization of the powerful Bosch ePerformance system, the XDURO line is the most advanced, cutting edge, and performance focused ebike model line on the planet.


Haibike SDURO ebikes feature Yamaha PW Zero Cadence System.

Yamaha ebike systems

 The Yamaha PW unit is proven to be a powerful and reliable motor. Thanks to its zero-cadence system, it supports the rider from the first revolution of the crank. As one of the few motors available allowing for a dual chainring, the Yamaha system is able to offer a broad range of gears providing more gear options out on the trails. Given its high maximum torque of up to 80Nm, its compact size, and its low noise, the Yamaha PW is one of the best ebike systems for sporty use.


Come take a Haibike XDURO or SDURO electric bike for a test ride

In our showroom, we carry select models of Haibikes that are popular with our local customers and Utah's famous terrain. We can get you any Haibike model that fits your riding style in the size that fits you and usually have it in the store within a week, most of the time sooner. Give one of our Haibike experts a call at 801-608-5138 or use the chat window at the bottom right of our page to live chat or send a message. Let us help you find the perfect electric bike for you.


Want to dive deeper for more Haibike knowledge? Check out the full 2017 Haibike Catalog and see our experience with Haibike videos and reviews.


Felt Electric makes amazingly light weight and well built electric bicycles powered by both Bosch and Shimano systems. Felt Bicycles was founded on one principle: to design, develop and deliver the best bicycles in the world. Before founding his namesake company, and in addition to being an accomplished triathlete, Jim Felt was one of the top motorcycle mechanics in the United States after having worked with industry leaders Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha and Kawasaki. But when motocross champion Johnny O’Mara asked Felt to build him a triathlon bike, Felt was given the opportunity to put into practice many of the innovative designs he had dreamed about for optimizing a rider’s position and improving aerodynamics. This same care has been taken with Felt's full line of electric bikes.

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