28" Classic City Commuter
28" Classic City Commuter 28" Classic City Commuter 28" Classic City Commuter
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28" Classic City Commuter

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  • 36 Volt City Commuter available in Black only
  • LCD multi function display with USB charging port for your devices
  • 7 speed Shimano gear, 5 speed electric pedal assist, throttle override 
  • Integrated bright front and rear lights for visibility and convenience 
  • On the fly easy to adjust handlebars for riding personalized geometry 
  • 36 volt available in Black frames only. All colors available in 48 volt.


Many people ask us about the Steel Blue and Merlot City Commuter colors. The depth of these colors is quite stunning and they tend to shift in the sunlight. It's very tough to capture on a computer screen as they must truly be experienced in person. We have done our best to take photos of actual bikes to give you an idea of what the colors look like. Between these photos and the stock bike pictures, this should help you decide which color City Commuter you want.

Steel Blue

Shades of purple, gold and deep blue are present in the Steel Blue Commuter. Steel Blue is available in both 48 volt Step Thru and Classic frames.
Steel Blue Commuter