At Blue Monkey Bicycles we handle all warranty issues for the bike brands that we carry. When your bike is covered under warranty, this means that all issues are handled here in our shop, hopefully the same day you bring your bike in. If a deeper issue arises, our companies are responsive and quick to remedy the issue, getting you back on the road as soon as possible. No need to fill out paperwork or wait on the phone. We’ll take care of it. If necessary, we will get you back on the road with one of our loaner electric bikes.



Pedego is known for having a premier customer satisfaction policy. Their warranty will cover everything on the bike, including the battery for 2 years. If you are outside of the warranty, they will do what they can to work with you to insure your satisfaction. Pedego has always gone above and beyond in the warranty department which is why we love them. They consistently help us delight our customers! Click here for more detailed information on Pedego's warranty.



Easy Motion is the electric bike line of BH Bikes and has one of the best warranties in the industry. They offer an automatic 2 years on the bike and its electrical components with proration on the battery itself. If you take a minute to register your product online, they will increase the duration of your warranty to add another 3 years, making it a grand total of 5 years! More information on Easy Motion's warranty can be found here.



Haibike offers a strong competitive warranty on their ebikes. The bicycle and the electrical components, whether from Bosch or Yamaha, are covered for two years from the date of purchase. Their legendary frames are guaranteed for 5 years. We've had very good luck with Haibikes.



Some components on electric bikes have warranties through their original supplier. Sometimes part suppliers like Shimano, Bosch, Yamaha, Rock Shox, etc will have a warranty of their own, giving you even more options to get you back on the road. If a problem arises, we will contact the appropriate supplier and take care of the paperwork and get you back on the road as soon as possible.


A word about cheap electric bikes

Be careful in your online research and shopping to avoid what we call "one and done" electric bikes. Cheap bikes and parts sourced from no-name companies that are found on Amazon, eBay and the like often leave the customer dead in the water if something breaks. Many times, the low quality parts have no replacement, and bike stores such as ourself can't even offer service on them because the parts we need simply don't exist on their own. Although some ebikes look appealing due to their extremely low price, electrical and bicycle components break more frequently costing the user more money and frustration down the road. 

We carry the quality ebike brands we do for a reason. They are well supported and repairs can be accomplished in a timely manor. If you do happen to own an inferior electric bike, you might want to think about upgrading to an eBike that will last. We want our customers happy and riding for many thousands of miles. :)