Types of eBikes


Electric bikes are still a new concept to a lot of people so we’d like to take off some of the overwhelming edge these new products have and describe the different types of ebikes (and some conventional bikes) to help you narrow down your search. Remember, if you have a question, feel free to reach out to us through our chat or contact page.

Bicycle Style
Electric bikes come in all the shapes and sizes that conventional bikes do. This means there are electric versions of:

  • Mountain Bikes (can crest any Utah trail!)
  • Commuter Bikes (car replacement therapy!)
  • Road Bikes (for training, sport and fun)
  • Casual Cruisers (our most popular segment)
  • Trikes (3 wheels; more balance)
  • Hybrid Bicycles (not hybrid propulsion, but a mix of mountain bike and road bike features)
  • Cargo Bikes (carry more than a small car… seriously)
  • Fat Bikes (snow, sand and all around look-at-me coolness!)

Electric Features
If you know what style of bicycle you’re after, the rest becomes very easy. The next thing to consider is the bike's electric features. How will you use the bike? Some features to consider are:

  • Throttle (to expressly engage the motor without needing to pedal)
  • Cadence pedal assist (for peppy and very light exercise)
  • Torque pedal assist (for rewarding and sensitive electrical power)
  • Main battery powered lights (no need to change batteries again!)
  • Hub-drive motor (used by commuters everywhere, including us)
  • Mid-Drive motor (better front-to-back balance, our preference on trails)
  • LED display (inexpensive, bare bones control)
  • LCD display (more function, more visibility, more information)

Brand considerations
Many of the bikes and features listed so far are available in various combinations from various companies. We’ll help you fine tune the right bike for you, but here are some perks to the various brands we carry:

Pedego: The most popular electric bikes in America. Pedego has the largest network of stores to repair or complete warranty claims across the country. If you intend to travel with your electric bikes consider the security of Pedego’s unmatched resources. Pedego Electric Bikes feature hub drive motors with throttles, cadence and torque based pedal assist models.

Easy Motion: Easy Motion has the best warranty coverage in the business; 5 years once you register the bike online. Easy Motion bikes also take effort to avoid showing their electric parts on the bike. If you want to ride along trails in a clandestine stride, you may want to consider a vary sleek Easy Motion electric bike. Easy Motion ebikes feature hub motors and Brose mid drives, all featuring Easy Motion's smooth torque pedal assist.

Haibike: Haibike sources parts from some of the top brands in the industry: Fox Racing, Bosch, Yamaha, Shimano and more. If you want to be riding the best mountain bike in the business, and you want others to know it, consider a Haibike.

And remember: You can also check out our VS series for more in-depth comparisons.
If you have any questions about electric bikes, brands, parts, or even a few select topics, we’d be happy to help. Depending on which member of our team you get, we’re particularly fond of drift trikes, Japanese classic cars, electric cars, ancient Chinese history, sustainable steam engines, and retro video games.

Electric bikes are constantly changing and evolving. We've come a long way from the infamous Lee Iacocca eBikes of the late 90's with their heavy, sealed lead acid batteries. Now we have sub-fourty pound electric bikes that will go 60+ miles on a single charge. Yes, you can build your own ebike and it can be a rewarding project. You will learn a lot in the process. If you want to rely on your ebike day in and day out, you might want to opt for a factory built version from our extensive selection.