Conversions and Kits

We get asked all the time for conversion products and advice. To put it simply, Blue Monkey Bicycles does not offer any conversion products or services. Reasons for this are many from man hour labors to quality control issues with unknown bike frames. When its all said and done, as our video states:

"Putting a new system on an old bike will still give you.... an old bike"

Now thats not to say conversions are an all-around bad idea. It can actually be a lot of fun! In this video, we go over what is needed to complete a conversion and if it is right for you. 


Further Resources

If you decide you have what it takes, we will point you in the right direction. Start with the ebike forums of to get you up to speed, so to speak. This is by far the best resource for diy ebikes.

Electric Bike Technologies ( is an excellent resource for easy to assemble conversion kits. We have put several ebike kits on various cargo bikes and tandems running around Salt Lake City and they have held up very well. Ebikekit has great customer service and stands behind their product. Tell them Blue Monkey sent you!

BionX is know for their sophisticated, proprietary conversion kits. These kits feature torque based pedal assist, slick integration and regen braking capabilities.