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We tell our customers that we are very picky when deciding what electric bike brands to sell and service in our store. Reliability and simplicity are key. If we wouldn't ride them everyday, you won't find them in our store. We want to keep you riding every weekend or for many thousands of miles if you desire. The company and people behind the brand is an important factor as well. We need to know that we can get you parts, update your battery and keep you on the road long after the latest models are released. Lastly, although other shops sometimes offer a dizzying array of different brands, we've decided to keep things simple. We would rather get to know 4 brands very well than dilute our knowledge over many different brands.



Pedego holds the spot as the best selling, most popular electric bike brand in North America. They are known for reliability, power, and simplicity. Common customers include but are not limited to commuters, weekend riders and people who want comfort and reliability. Pedego is an awesome company to deal with and they truly help us to delight our customers. We often joke that if a Pedego isn't working, something is unplugged. If there is ever an issue beyond that, we can remedy it promptly.


Surface 604

Surface 604 is great choice for affordable, well built electric bikes. Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, Surface 604 is on a mission to change people’s perceptions about what’s possible on an electric bike and to get more people riding more often. They go straight for a powerful motor and some of the biggest, most respected names in the industry – SRAM, FSA, Tektro, Kenda, Bafang and SR Suntour – and assemble a component sheet combining uncompromising performance with value.


If you have questions about other bikes and brands that we do not carry, contact us through chat, email, or over the phone. We test ride everything that we can and thoroughly discuss whether an indivdual electric bike will be called a Blue Monkey Bike. We'll be upfront and honest with you as to what we think and how the bike compares to our personal favorites.