Where do we begin? There are many benefits to riding electric bikes. Of course, the fun factor is huge but if you want us to give you more practical answers, we can think of a few reasons off the top of our head to persuade you to ride electric.


  • Get out of traffic and get to your destination refreshed
  • Help the environment: one less car trip!
  • Keep some miles off your car (or get rid of it altogether)
  • Get some exercise. Yes you will get exercise on an ebike!
  • See your world from a different perspective
  • Run errands on your ebike instead of using your car


Many electric cyclists ride electric bikes just for fun, which has a myriad of personal emotion benefits. Sunshine all over, 360 degree view, wind in your hair, seeing more around you, doing more with less, a feeling of accomplishment. Other people purchase ebikes to supplement or replace a car. No parking woes, no permits, no insurance, no gas, no (costly) maintenance. Many electric bike riders use them for rehabilitation or to regain the physical fitness they once had. Special needs cyclists can use electric bikes to participate in activities previously restricted by physical prowess. 


More and more we see Utah riders using electric bikes to challenge the mountains or to go back to places that they rode to in their youth. Mountain biking once was exclusively an activity for the young. With the advent of electric bikes, those who beat the mountain decades ago can now access routes once shut off by the march of Father Time. Be sure to check the laws before you go e-mountainbiking. Electric mountain bikes are allowed wherever motor vehicles are permitted in the back country. Even though electric bikes are considered bicycles, some BLM and Forest Service lands currently restrict ebikes. As always, you can contact us for current laws and information.