We're always on the look out for interesting electric transportation ideas. Although our main transportation around Salt Lake City is electric bikes, we do have a couple Nissan LEAF electric cars to help us transport bicycles to various events and customers. We've owned an Organic Transit ELF and even tried a YikeBike out for an extended period of time. Electric transportation is here to stay and we are fully embracing it.

Blue Monkey Fleet



We are in the process of designing and fabricating an electric drift trike. Drift trikes were originally created for down hill fun but with the addition of an electric motor, they become super fun on flat ground. Drift trikes use go cart rear tires with PVC pipe over the rubber to allow the rear to break free and slide. They do not have pedals but we have actually commuted a bit with the trikes, even though they are mainly designed for fun. As with everything that Blue Monkey does, the Salt Sliders Drift Trike will be sturdy and made to last. As we continue with prototyping you can learn more on our drift trike page and on Instagram. Pricing and preorder status coming soon.

Drift Trike Salt Lake City



Liberty Trike Logo

The Liberty Trike is a compact, folding, electric trike that is made in America and designed as a step up from a mobility scooter. It's narrow wheel base allows it to easily fit through doorways and provide freedom to those who need a bit more balance in their riding. Although we don't stock Liberty Trikes, we have a great relationship with the manufacturer and we have have reviewed the Liberty Trike in the video below. Please visit for details on how to purchase the Liberty Trike.




OJO Scooter Utah

Tesla Inspired Personal Transportation for Adults.


We have been excited about the OJO Scooter since we first laid eyes on it. The OJO is a stable commuting option that is a major step above the little electric folding scooters that you're used to. The OjO Commuter Scooter was developed in Santa Monica, California. Built for the bike lane, the OjO offers a unique combination of style and performance for a fun, safe and clean transportation solution. Explore OJO.

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