Pedego Cargo Bike

Pedego Cargo Bike

The Pedego Stretch Cargo Bike is Coming!

UPDATE: The Stretch has arrived and has been put to good use with thousands of our own miles as well as many happy customers. Pedego created an awesome bike and we think it's the ultimate electric cargo bike. For more about the Pedego Stretch, click here.

We are very excited to introduce the new Pedego Stretch Cargo Bike!

As you know, here at Blue Monkey we love cargo bikes. We had the privilege of seeing this bike in its computer design stages a few years back and we’ve been pumped about it ever since.


Why are we so excited you may ask? Well, first off, its a Pedego so you know that its a well built, well supported electric bike. The Stretch is one of the most versatile cargo bikes we’ve found yet. This will be the bike to convert everyday bike riders into cargo bike riders. The frame is extremely sturdy and rides on 24″ wheels which we think strike the perfect balance. The bike has a lower center of gravity for those heavy (or wiggly) loads but yet has better rolling capabilities than 20″ wheels. The Stretch will hold anything you throw at it. 400 pound carrying capacity! In fact we tell people that it will handle more weight than you care to ride with. The 48 volt 13ah battery and 500 watt geared motor, it will climb hills with ease, even when loaded.

So why do we think this will be the electric bike to change peoples minds? The simple fact that this cargo bike is not much larger than a conventional bike. It fits in the same space and rides like a regular bike so you are more likely to use it as a regular bike. When the need arises, you can bring home groceries or pick your kids up from school. This is the bike to replace one of your cars.

Pedego Stretch


The excitement is building with the Pedego Stretch which is scheduled to be released May 2015. Blue Monkey Bicycles has had many requests for this bike so you can be sure that we will be one of the first Pedego Dealers to receive them. We are anticipating a huge demand for these bikes as they fit the needs of so many people. The first available paint finishes will be gloss red or gloss black.

Help us make Salt Lake the new home of the Pedego Stretch. Email us us with your pre order request. $200 fully refundable holds your Stretch until our order arrives late May 2015.

We don’t like to throw around the overused phrase “game changer” very often but in this case, we feel it’s appropriate. This cargo bike is positioned to change your idea of getting around and could be the beginning of Car Replacement Therapy for you. Having the ability to carry people and stuff on your bike at a minute’s notice, without a lot of planning is the next step to breaking the habit of the automobile.

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