Car Charging Station

Car Charging Station
You can now charge your electric car at our store. In keeping with our commitment to Salt Lake's clean air and to the environment as a whole, we have installed an EV charging station in the back parking lot of our store at 4902 S. State Street in Murray City, Utah. This is a free service for both customers and any electric car owner that happens to need a charge. Leave us a note or tag us in social media to let us know you stopped by. We're glad to help further the adoption of all kinds of electric vehicles!



Big thanks to Leaders for Clean Air for their help in facilitating our charging station. Along with our fleet of two Nissan LEAF all electric vehicles and of course the myriad of electric bikes we offer for sale, we are doing our best to help Salt Lake's air quality.

Inversions can't be prevented, but pollution can. With a unified vision to improve Utah's air quality, Leaders for Clean Air includes a group of Utah business leaders who are stepping up to provide the bottom line direction and incentive required to build value and demand for all-electric and hybrid electric vehicles in the local marketplace.

If you have a local business and would like to continue the love contact us or tell Leaders for Clean Air that you heard about the program through Blue Monkey. See you at the Plug! We'll even let you try out some ebikes while you're charging.

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